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A Warning For Right Choice Customers

Right Choice Exteriors LLC

A Warning For Right Choice Customers

After parting ways from Right Choice Exteriors, LLC, Norm Prinzo has continued to use the Right Choice Exteriors name to sell roofing jobs. We are working with our lawyers to get him to stop but wanted to publicly let our customers know that if Norm comes to your door, he is in no way associated with Right Choice Exteriors, LLC and you should give us a call right away.

We work hard to keep our customers happy and offer a life time guarantee on our roofing jobs. Any job that is sold by Norm Prinzo (known alias: Norm Griffith) cannot be covered with our guarantee.

We understand that posting information about this situation might damage our business but we would rather that happen then have Norm take advantage of the customers that we have had the privilege of serving for the past 52 years. We promise to always be transparent in order to protect our customers.

Call Jay at 330-327-8787 to report any interactions with Norm if he continues to use the Right Choice Exteriors reputation to sell jobs.

Right Choice Exteriors LLC has severed ties with Norm Prizone Alias Norm Griffith Alias who knows? on March 2019. He is no longer associated in any form with Right Choice Exteriors and we are not responsible for any possible deals that he may make using our name.

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