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Learn Something New – What’s Up With My Neighbor’s Roof?

Learn Something New – What’s Up With My Neighbor’s Roof?

Right Choice Exteriors

Recap What You Learned In This Video

Pitch Gage

You learned that the wrong measurements can lead to your gutters being reinstalled incorrectly after a new roof installation.

Vampire Straps

You learned that the right type of straps to keep your gutter secure are called vampire straps.

Right Flow

You learned that the right water flow going through your gutters is something that is controlled by how you hang the gutters.

Basement Damage

You learned that water collecting by your house can cause damage to the foundation over time.

Life of Structure

You learned that you should have a "life of structure" guarantee when ordering new gutters or gutter guards.

Wood Rot

You learned that improper installation can allow water to get to the wood of the roof and cause wood rot over time.

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