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How to Install Cobblestone Driveway Edging | Ask This Old House

Looking for more step by step guidance on how to complete projects around the house? Join This Old House Insider to stream over 1,000 episodes commercial-free: https://bit.ly/2GPiYbH Materials: Gravel [https://thd.co/3e9K4eP] Concrete mix [https://amzn.to/3EjwVdP] Rebar [https://thd.co/3CDx6zd] Tie wire [https://amzn.to/3T2P9V2] Wire twister [https://amzn.to/3VaULhV] Cobblestones [https://thd.co/3e6Kz9z] Tools: Mason’s hammer or small pickaxe [https://amzn.to/3CDpltf] Spade shovel [https://amzn.to/3CD1FFb] Tamp [https://amzn.to/3rU1teR]…
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How to Replace a Doorbell | Ask This Old House

to find the location of the old wiring. After confirming there is doorbell wiring behind the front hall walls, Heath uses a magnetic stud finder [https://amzn.to/3ymVkeG] to confirm the location of the studs. Knowing where the studs are tells Heath where the bay in the wall is, so he can run wire to the chime.…
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