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Shedding the Old Look

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Shedding the Old Look

Homeowner Emily has always wanted an enclosed space for her yoga and it was decided an outdoor shed would be the perfect solution. Kevin meets the foreman of the shed company who will oversee the one-day process. The walls come pre-assembled and raised like an old-fashioned barn raising. Tommy comes by at the end to inspect the construction. On the main house, a standing seam copper roof is installed over the front porch. Kevin and Tommy watch the final pieces go on. Then Tommy shows Kevin how to trim a window using a PVC product. He shows Kevin his special technique of using a rabbet joint to connect the joints. Down in the basement, Richard watches as a state of the art boiler gets installed by plumber Kevin Bilo. This new system will take a huge bite out of the high heating bill. Then Richard takes a road trip an hour away to visit a newly built house that uses advance building techniques and eco-friendly materials to achieve remarkable energy efficiency.


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