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Simple Guide to Brick Patterns | Ask This Old House

Simple Guide to Brick Patterns | Ask This Old House

In this video, This Old House mason Mark McCullough teaches host Kevin O’Connor about the different brick patterns homeowners can choose for their walls or walkways.

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Mark McCullough talks about brick patterns. Mark shows Kevin the different patterns that homeowners can choose for their walkways and walls, explaining how each works from a design and structural standpoint. He explains the importance of header and running courses, and some things to consider when choosing a design.

Difficulty: ⅖
Cost: Around $500, depending on the size
Time: One Day

Where to find it?
Mark breaks down a variety of brick patterns popular with homeowners and where the patterns originate.

Running Bond – the most traditional look with bricks lined up at an offset either horizontally or vertically.

Herringbone – a diagonal pattern that mimics the bones of a fish.
3-5/8” pattern is thicker and requires less brick, making it more cost effective.
2-1/4” pattern is when the bricks are stood on their taller side, which creates a different look. It’s more expensive because it requires more brick.

American Bond – Every 5 or 6 courses are headers, or the short side of the brick.

Flemish Bond – Bricks are turned on their header side every other brick. Gives almost a “diamond pattern” in the brick.

English Bond – Similar to an American bond, but every other row, the bricks have a header course to create a more distinct pattern. Really common in Victorian/Colonial areas and buildings.

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Simple Guide to Brick Patterns | Ask This Old House


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