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Ventilation Considerations For Metal Roofing: Methods, Types, Uses

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Ventilation Considerations For Metal Roofing: Methods, Types, Uses

How do you vent a metal roof? How do ventilation methods affect installation and roof design?


In episode 4 of the Standing Seam Metal Roof Design Series, Adam Mazzella and Jeff Hock of the Sheffield team discuss ventilation and metal roofing. This video covers different venting methods and considerations to keep in mind when deciding on which is best for your project. Installation will differ depending on project needs and choice of ventilation system. Watch to learn about recommendations on products, uses, and methods.

Episode topics include:
►Ventilation options
►Ventilation materials
►Additional ventilation
►Manufacturer support

If you're a designer or spec writer that needs assistance during any part of the design phase, reach out to our architectural and technical teams at Sheffield Metals with any questions: http://bit.ly/contact-sheffield



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